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Guidelines Needed For Gyms With Quality Services, Ethics And Professionalism

How do you choose what gyms to promote to your employees or members while ensuring quality services? And, how do you prevent any and every gym or studio in your city or community from promoting their services by offering “discounts” to your employees? These were questions recently put to the members of the Wellness Manager Discussion Group.

Workplace Wellness Programs Can Help Reduce Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke are the leading causes of death in the United States. The estimated expense associated with all heart disease combined is $304.6 billion, with $24 and $98 billion due to lost productivity from cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, respectively, according to the American Heart Association (AHA) policy strategy on worksite wellness programs for CVD prevention.

Online Wellness Program Offers Tournament-Style Health Supports

An online program offered by Health Enhancement Systems (HES) called 5 on 5, creates a way to track healthy eating habits in the format of a basketball tournament.

Research By IBI Finds Health And Productivity Programs Critical To U.S. Business Employees

Health and productivity management (HPM) programs are vital to business in the U.S. "burdened with the declining health of their employees, growing pressures of lost worktime, increasing healthcare costs and global competition, and the uncertainty of healthcare reform," according to the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI).

What Strategies Do You Use To Measure Employee Engagement In Workplace Wellness?

This question was posed by a member of our Workplace Wellness Management Group over on LinkedIn. It’s a good question.

When It Comes To Salary, Your Title Could Mean $10,000 More

Wellness professionals come in a variety of titles and responsibilities. But that title carries significant weight salary-wise, according to an analysis of titles and salaries reported for the Wellness Professionals’ Salary and Benefits Survey.

What’s New on Our Wellness Management Facebook Page

Take advantage of the range of useful tips, news updates, even workplace wellness videos online at our Wellness Management Information Center on Facebook. There is no cost to join. New information is uploaded just about every day.

Following A Healthy Lifestyle Is On Decline In U.S.

Despite the well-known benefits of having a lifestyle that includes physical activity, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, moderate alcohol use and not smoking, only a small proportion of adults follow this healthy lifestyle pattern, and in fact, the numbers are declining, according to an article published in the June 2009 issue of The American Journal of Medicine.

Repeatedly Working When Ill Boosts Risk Of Long Term Sick Leave

Repeatedly going to work when ill significantly boosts the chances of having to take long term sick leave later on, reveals research published ahead of print in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Preparing Your Workplace for a Possible Swine Flu Pandemic

After years of worry about a possible avian flu pandemic, the United States instead now faces a swine flu outbreak that has caused the government to declare a public health emergency.

Few Employers Addressing Workplace Stress, Watson Wyatt Surveys Find

While employers acknowledge that stress is affecting business performance, few are taking steps to address it, according to two surveys by Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

New Study Shows Older Employees Are Healthiest

A new study by ComPsych Corporation revealed more than half of workers in their 60s have healthy diets, compared to only 17.7 percent of employees in their 30s.

Flexible Work Schedules Top Employee ProductivityWish List

Asked to name the one benefit program that would make them more productive on the job, an overwhelming majority of respondents (63 percent) cited a "flexible work schedule" – the top reply to a recent poll by LifeCare Inc.

Employees Reveal Why They Work When Sick

A sense of obligation to co-workers is the number one reason people go to work when they are sick, according to a new poll by LifeCare Inc., a provider of comprehensive specialty care services.

Depression Screening And Treatment Lowers Employer Costs

Screening and treating workplace depression can lead to increased productivity and a decrease in employer costs, according to a new study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Different Psychosocial Factors Predict Adoption, Maintenance Of Physical Activity Program

The health benefits of regular physical activity are well documented, yet only 32 percent of adults in the United States engage in regular exercise. Now a new study by researchers at The Miriam Hospital offers some new insight into the role of social and environmental influences on physical activity behaviors.

Workplace Ergonomics May Lead To Higher Productivity, Wellness Professional Asserts

The concept of "workplace ergonomics" is foreign to many businesses, but is important to employee health and satisfaction, according to Sue Peterson, M.S., manager of employee health and wellness at Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash.

Employers Refocus Strategies To Promote Wellness

After decades of focusing on health coverage as the exclusive avenue of providing financial protection against medical costs, employers are starting to shift to a focus on wellness and prevention, according to the recent MetLife Annual Employee Benefits Trend Study.

Smoke-Free Workplace, Non-Smoking Spouse Help Smokers Quit

A smoke-free workplace plays a key role in long-term success for young adults who quit smoking, according to Indiana University (IU) research.

Management Report: Obesity Costs U.S. Companies as Much as $45 Billion a Year

The rate of obesity in the United States has doubled in the last 30 years, and those extra pounds weigh on companies’ bottom lines, according to a report by the Conference Board. Today, 34 percent of American adults fit the definition of "obese." Obese employees cost U.S. private employers an estimated $45 billion annually in medical expenditures and work loss, the report said.

Motivating Employees Always A Challenging Goal, Managers Say

Motivating and incenting employees to participate in their organization’s wellness programs is a much cited chief concern of wellness and health promotion professionals responding to the Workplace Wellness Management Survey, sponsored by WellnessJunction.

Practical Tips for Getting Your Employees Internally Motivated Toward Wellness

Motivating employees to participate in wellness programs consistently tops the list of problems for wellness professionals each year, according to our exclusive Wellness Management Leadership Surveys

Active Listening Essential for Wellness Professionals – at Work and Home

After a rough day at work — placing others people’s problems into perspective — you may be faced with communication conflicts at home as well. For that reason, effective communication is a must! 

Wellness Manager Professional Discussion Group Fosters Information Sharing

Inter-office weight loss challenges, fitness center membership incentives, wellness and disease management, health risk assessments, indicators of success, have all been among the information-sharing topics by members of the Wellness Manager Online Discussion Group.

Online Resources To Help Wellness Managers With Smoking Cessation Programs

Wellness managers have a wealth of professional information on all aspects of smoking cessation programs at their fingertips courtesy of and Wellness Program Management Advisor.

HPM Bootcamp Program To Stamp Out Healthcare Problems

Keeping people healthy is crucial to how well business will succeed today and in the times to come, according to Health & Productivity Management Advisors Inc. (HPM). To help kick-start the strong relationship needed between employee health and productivity in America’s workplace, HPM has launched a hands-on approach for employees – a boot camp.”

16-Week Wellness Program Targets Hawaii Local Community

Take It Off Hawaii is a wellness program that encourages residents of the Hilo area of Hawaii to improve the health of the community and is sponsored by the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA).”

Coalition Launches Wellness Seminar

The Wellness Coalition America debuted a new series of educational and interactive seminars for adults called “For the Health of It: Optimizing Wellness.”

Insight For Workplace Wellness Managers: What Motivates Employees to Change Lifestyle Behavior

While nearly half (44 percent) of all employees considered themselves in above average health, a surprising few (one in five employees) actually adhere to the minimum standards of healthy eating, including consuming one serving of whole grain and fruit each day, found a recent national survey. And, only one in two employees undertake minimal physical activity such as walking or gardening for ten minutes at least four days a week.

Health Plan Includes Telephone And Online Wellness/Health Improvement Programs

Health Partners has expanded its mail-based services to include telephonic and online health behavior change programs. The service is open to non-plan members as well as members within the Health Partners’ network, according to Jackie Boucher, manager of phone initiatives and outcomes advisor for the health plan’s Health Behavior Group.

Resources, Tips, Sharing, And Helpful Hints Are Useful Benefits of Wellness Manager Discussion Group Membership

Pedometers, HRA resources, on-line wellness education resources, fitness center management software, signage to promote walking, guidelines for a wellness visit, studies on stress and workplace outcomes wellness committees, and discussion of a wellness strategic plan were among the recent discussion topics among members of the online Wellness Manager Discussion Group.

West Virginia's Well City USA

Well City USA is an initiative that evolved out of the Well Workplace Awards. Similar in approach, the objective of Well City USA is to engage entire business communities in building healthy workforces, according to the Wellness Council of West Virginia (WCWV).

Link To Our Site Offers Chance To Spread Wellness Message to Employees, Staff

Wellness managers looking for low-cost ways to enhance their wellness programs are encouraged to link to the Wellness Junction Web site, free of charge, at

Workplace Injuries And Illnesses Decrease, DOL Says

The number of workplace injuries and illnesses has declined, and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) expects the reductions to continue......

Health Screenings Among Most Popular Workplace Wellness Programs, Survey Finds

Health screenings are among the best-attended wellness programs, according to the results of an exclusive workplace wellness management survey conducted by Wellness Program ManagementAdvisor and Wellness Junction.

Health/Productivity Programs Growing In Popularity As Healthcare Costs Rise

More domestic corporations are providing health promotion and health management programs to control rising healthcare costs and increase on-the-job productivity, according to results of a new study by Hewitt Associates.......

Wellness Programs and Departments Vary in Size and Participation Levels

Worksite wellness program directors are constantly trying to obtain funding and management support, but their health promotion program efforts may be used by hundreds of employees or only a handful of individuals........

Studies Report Significant Impact of Health Promotion Programs

Research studies show that providing employees and other consumers of medical care with information and guidelines on how they can take better care of themselves can lower medical costs as much as 17 percent........

Five Strategies To Help You Make the Most of Your Time

If you can recapture a wasted hour here and there and redirect it to a more productive use, you can make great increases in your daily productivity and the quality of your life.

Here are five techniques you can use, each of which will help you get at least one more hour out of your day for additional productive time...


Geared toward professionals working in the wellness and health field, the Professionals section of this site is where to look for proven, time-tested techniques in wellness program management. Not only will you get insight into solving problems you face every day in your field, but you will get in-depth details of programs at work in a variety of corporations, healthcare organizations and the public sector, and return on investment statistics to help prove your program's worth.

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