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Weight Control

Have a Cow, Man

In a superficial society where Americans spend more time in the gym than in the local library, losing weight is an elusive, painstaking process that many attempt to accomplish with "Get Thin Quick" scams, yet few have long-term success. Ah, weight loss, the final frontier. According to a recent report published in the journal for The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, one of the biggest oversights in the weight loss game is the importance of dairy products.

Dairy products have the terrifying moniker of being fat inducers. In actuality, the new research shows that lowfat dairy foods actually may help control weight gain. A diet high in calcium and lowfat dairy causes fat cells in the body to make less fat, and use the body itself to break down fat.

"A diet that is higher in dairy products and higher in calcium reduces the risk of obesity," Dr. Michael B. Zemel of the University of Tennessee Nutrition Institute said. "We see this in both men and women, but a much more profound effect in women."

The study subjected four different diets to different groups of mice. The diet that was highest in lowfat dairy foods resulted in the greatest control of body fat, even with the same amount of calories. This was compared to the national government consumption data, and controlled for such factors as calories and physical activity. Research showed body fat was reduced in people who consumed more lowfat dairy products. Also, lowfat dairy may be more effective than calcium in reducing the risk of obesity.

Obesity is usually linked to chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

The researchers recommended a three-meal solution to gaining your daily lowfat dairy fix.

Have a cup of lowfat milk with your cereal for breakfast.

Use lowfat cheese on your sandwich or salad for lunch.

Eat lowfat yogurt or drink lowfat chocolate milk as a snack.

Source: National Dairy Council and Orbis Broadcast Group

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